Welcome to AEX Capitals - Your Financial Guide


We have a team of professionally experienced fund managers who are at home at calculating and managing risk levels in this highly volatile market. We are well aware of the fact that some markets are full of scams and frauds therefore we have spent lot of time to maintain our portfolio for the satisfaction of our clients. We have track record of more than 24 months.

We can share existing account portfolios where statistics for past 24 month period are available. Thereby enhancing your trust in us to manage your funds effectively. Once you are satisfied and ready to start with us, you will have to open an account with our partner broker, deposit funds into this account and allow us to trade on your behalf.

We accept fresh accounts with minimum initial deposit of 5000 USD. We charge 50% of the profit as our performance fees on monthly basis.

*Please note the ROI depends on the risk percentage you allow us. 5% – 10% is an average ROI/month normally.